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【油电视上】壁画音箱和The Fives音箱上电视

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官网 | 微博/微信公众号/淘宝店铺:TESTV值不值得买
Charles Wu : 我补充一下吧,虽然说只可以显示十张照片,我们也可以做一张祖先大合集,逢年过节拿出来,一次过给全部长辈上香也是很不错的idea
SilverFocus : 這集很真誠的感覺,喜歡!
藍承慶 : 糕糕上油管電視解釋得很好
kasugazero1 : 大推羅技的Z906,真的是C/P值最高的5.1了
Jiraya jia : 对于普通消费者,如果是看片,真力足够了,为啥,因为好莱坞的混录棚大多都是真力,基本能还原混录师的听感,且没有声染色,当然真力貌似只有卡农

Matsui MAT32LW507 Power supply repair 17PW20-1

Matsui MAT32LW507 Power supply repair 17PW20-1
This lcd tv was stuck in stand by, the only sign of life was that when I pressed the st/by button, the light on the front changed
There was no 24v supply to the back lights on the screen, this was caused by the power factor correction circuit on the primary side of power supply

If this video has helped you, please donate by using the link below

Tools I Recommend

Reduction Lens
Soldering Station Hakko
Hot Air Station Aten ST-862D
45 deg. Nozzles
Fluke Multimeter
Dave Mak : fixed mine just by reheating the solder on them, works great now. great vid.
ISmellBurning : I would have liked to see your actual fault finding process, I.e how exactly you tracked down the problem to those components.....
Apple Banana : it's work for me too ,:) . thanks for sharing .
rick6 : If all my power supply voltages checkout (3.3v, 5v, 12v, 24v), and the tv still won't turn on (shows stanbdy led on) should i assume the logic board is faulty?
Miss Nae : Mine is doing this now! Is this expensive to repair?

Panasonic CF-SV7 Let's Note with 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD review and mini test presents :
Panasonic CF-SV7 Let's Note with 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD review and mini test

buy now at :
Yellow Joe : Amazing. Does this have bios settings or software to limit battery charge to 80% to preserve the battery?
thebadness : god damn. why don't they release this in the US? If they changed the screen to 3:2 and put a standard US keyboard on it, i think it would be popular among software engineers, linux users and IT professionals.
Divo Otiroll : Hi. do you know if the ram stick(s) are soldered to the mainboard or not?
pierro78 : can anybody comment on the speaker(s) ?? is it better than on the SZ series ??

(the mono-speaker on the SZ is very bad ... I see the SV series has stereo speakers so it might be better ?? ... or is it still very bad ?? )
kuronekodou : hi, could this computer make music with pro tools ?is 16G smali for pro tools?




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