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2019 BMW X3 - Review & Road Test

Now in it's third generation, BMW's X3 slots in-between the X1, X2, X4 and X5. Good thing there are decimals! Joking aside, what do we think of this compact SUV that has stiff competition from fellow Germans Audi, Porsche and Mercedes? Lyn Woodward from Kelley Blue Book tells you in this video.

For the latest BMW X3 pricing and information:
Aurummorituri : Umm...the wood is real. It's coated in acryllic but it's still actual wood.
YorkU Degree : BMW X3 is the best in the class. Loved her enthusiasm, would have appreciated more details on the interior finishes. She was driving a base model. Higher end models have fully digital cockpits, seat ventilation, heads up display, large panoramic glass roof, adaptive LED lights, reclining rear seats, self driving approx 1 min and auto park etc. X3 uses outgoing luxury features of the higher 5 & 7 sedans which separates them from the competition.
Blake : Alot to like here. I do wish the interior had a bit more contrast to it and the 40i wasn't almost 60k but the RWD dynamics are appreciated in a segment where manufactures are cheaping out. Very nice vehicle overall
Inspector 413 : Great review as always. I was looking at the Volvo, but thinking about the Beemer. The fact that I can't get Android Auto for my phone is a strong push towards the Volvo. I know that's kind of a nit pick, but I use my phone for work and personal. I'm not going to change to an iPhone to suit my car.
Blake Dailey : Great review, as always, Lyn! Decimal joke was top notch.

2019 BMW X3 | Full Review & Test Drive

Check out my review of the 2019 BMW X3 and let me know what you think about this small crossover SUV/SAV!!! Also help The Test Drive hit 10,000 subscribers and become eligible for giveaways like the GoPro Hero Session and Akaso EK7000 4K Action Camera!!!

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Michael Nguyen : I love BMW but CarPlay should be FREE.
YorkU Degree : Extremely well done and knowledgeable. Would have appreciated more comparisons of the strengths and weaknesses to other models.
Anthony : 2018 vs 2019 -

2019 added Park Distance Control, and Active Driving Assistant as Standard. It also added the option of the “sdrive” trim ($2000 less than xdrive)

While the 2018 just had a Rear-View Camera (still in 2019).
Arisgod27 : I love my new X3. I test drove it and was immediately hooked. Great handling, road feel and very roomy on the inside.
Voy-T : Owned (2) X3 (1st gen) skipped the 2nd as we got '11 X5, but now we downsized to X3 again (kids out of child seats etc) and absolutely love the 2018 X3 over the previous and the F30 series that I hate! Still keeping the X5 as a weekend 'beater' and an old 330i as a daily shuttle.


It´s new and it´s a surprise in every aspect: The BMW X3! Therefore I´m asking myself if you really need the X5...
See the full review here!

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Kim Dahl : Great review. Here in the USA, the gesture control and parking assistant come in the Executive package, so that if you want the nice surround view camera, you have to get these features. Otherwise, I agree with you that I wouldn't pay extra. We've ordered an X3 and looking forward to getting this fantastic well-rounded vehicle.
Paul Roberts : Looking at the 20/21 models (or Q5) and appreciate the detailed overview. I was originally considering an X5, which used to have more space advantages. But you answered that question. I swear the new X3 seems almost same size as the second gen X5. Still debating the turbo 6 Vs 4 (petrol), but I’m not racing this thing and have a convert 335 already. I think this is about same width and length?
Pentti Nelimarkka : Hi Chris! Thanks for a great review! We got our new X3 30d last week and I must say I enjoy the new luxury and techs it has. We stepped down from -17 X5 30d however this new X3 is more quiet, more luxurious and having better performance. Both my wife and myself we enjoy extremely much the 5.8sec acceleration, the quiet but powerful 6 cyl diesel engine sound roaring. What I am impressed about is the quietness and I am happy my car came with acoustic glazing also on the side windows. My car is luxury line however it differs a bit market by market, I guess. What I am missing is the full camera experience since I have only the reverse camera and parking assistant. Anyhow the first impression is really great and I am truly happy for my choice!
Martin Harman : I have had my X3M40i since March and its puts a smile on my face every time I get in it. I had the previous version X3 35 but the M40i blows it away in luxury, performance, ride & technology.Fantastic car.
Somuchen : Great Review! As always keep up the good and customer oriented approach!




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