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C++ Winsock Networking Tutorial - Introduction

We're going to learn the most basic networking thing you can do, which is open a socket and connecting to a server. This will be a short introduction that we'll build upon in future tutorials.

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Video by matthew99g

In this C++ Winsock Networking Tutorial - Introduction video you will about the fundamentals of Windows socket programming thats used by all elite hackers.

The Windows Sockets API (WSA) or as its referred to Winsock is a method of allowing Windows network software to access network services, especially those services that connect via TCP/IP. These C++ winsock methods are used by some of the most elite hackers in the world such as, nation state hackers, black hat hackers, penetration testing professionals, and game hackers. Understanding how sockets work is a key and fundamental skill in understating how to hack.

In this winsock tutorial you will learn about elite and advanced Windows API functions such as, WSAData, WSAStartup(), ZeroMemory(), and CloseSocket(), you will learn how having a better grasp of Windows socket programming can be used to advance your hacking skills. Having an understanding of low level Windows operating system computer architecture is a fundamental tool is the majority of hackers toolset. This networking tutorial will give you confidence in understanding how certain levels of the internet works. This skills are vread and butter and this networking tutorial will put you in the league of elite and advanced hackers.

In this Winsock guide you will learn the following:

. How socket programming works
. How the elite and advanced Windows API functions work
. How win sock works.

And much much more.

Once you finish this socket programming tutorial you will be able to advanced your hacking skills as computer sockets are what connects the internet end point systems to each other. Having knowledge of how they work will allow you to understand how you can take advantage of them.

Guided Hacking hopes you enjoy this C++ hacking tutorial and you continue in your game and computer hacking journey. Please share this networking tutorial with anyone who you know is on there hacking journey.

Repair / Reset Winsock / Internet Protocol TCP IP Settings by Britec

Repair / Reset Winsock / Internet Protocol TCP IP Settings by Britec\r
Nice and easy way to reset or repair winsock using software and command prompt.\r
winsock fix download\r\r
Microsoft TCP / IP Fix Download\r\r
Use a manual method to reset TCP/IP using netshell utility\r
Type in Command prompt\r
netsh int ip reset c:\\resetlog.txt\r
Tonywization : You are the Top Man.After weeks of googling and contacting Forums about my problem( not being able to access various websites or being able to update my Anti virus or spyware etc.)finally after following the advice on your video the problem has now been solved.Absolutely brilliant well done.Excellent Vid particularly the enlarging of the important CMD wording. Thanks.
Garry Wimer : This is the first time I've subcribe. I've listen to all of your video's I find you're right on the mark with solutions to problems that one might come across. I especially like where you have included links to problem solving. Thanks again you're the real deal.

bo chock : Thank you sir! It worked on my Win 7 pro.

Winsock doesn't suck!
Martina Smutna : did it manually and its working again, thank you very much !!!! :)
Abhishek Bhat : thanks man you are the best keep up the good work you are doing a great job you solved my problem cheers...........................

What Is Winsock? : Computer Files & Data

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A socket is something that computers use to connect over the Internet. Find out all about Winsock with help from an expert in information systems, programming languages, web development and network security in this free video clip.

Expert: Lucas Mladek
Filmmaker: Victor Varnado

Series Description: Using a computer really isn't all that difficult once you manage to boil the process down to its essentials. Get tips on easy and basic computer skills with help from an expert in information systems, programming languages, web development and network security in this free video series.
Seyed Marashi : thanks for your nice information, but winsock is not just for internet connections! more items
S.E. Silkowski : I guess it's the Windows socket-based communication protocol or architecture?
M V : This was useless for 99.9% of windows users
Ivandro Jao : only program that uses winsock can be filtered in windows fire wall *directly
I V : This wont wipe out my files will it?




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