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FRP PIPE WINDING (Sunrise Fibre Glass Industries)

IanI333 : Was just wonder what’s your string count? We run 38 to 40. Is this the speed you normally wind pipe or is this slow down for the video? And use wind direct on the mould no skin lay up first?
lizette magbitang : hi po.may i ask .what is the typical defects doing the pipe winding in the process??
Mahendra Singh : Sir how pipe demoulded from mandrel.
Eva Yang : We produce UD-tape that is for wrpping pipe, thermoplastic fiberglass reinforced composite, it can Improve production efficiency and product quality. Recommend you to learn more.
Rayan Agarm : 1/2 wide of capacity?

GRP관 절단보수 시공영상(한국화이바)

(주)한국화이바의 차세대 친환경 파이프인 유리섬유복합관(GRP관)의 직관 절단 보수시공방법에 대한 동영상입니다. 본 영상의 소유권은 한국화이바에 있으며 복사 및 외부게재등을 금합니다.
(구매및 기술문의는 TEL : 02-567-5630 CP : 010-3207-7436)

FRP Pipe Installation Video

FRP Pipe Installation Video From REHOME, you can visit our




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